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Phoebe Griffiths


About Echo

With the rise of social media there seems to have been a shift in our focus towards the importance of what we look like rather than what we feel like. With 80% of the UK currently considered sedentary and over two thirds classed as overweight it appears as though looks may not be all they seem.


Unlike other fitness retreats where methods such as radical reductions to calorie intake are employed, at Echo Fitness we aim to inspire people to move away from the promise of dramatic temporary weight loss. We choose instead to examine nutritional options, to improve functional fitness and to bring our attention back to the importance of these in relation to a more sustainable overall health.

Why Echo

Originally the name Echo Fitness was chosen as a nod to its location in the mountains. As the company has developed however it has become significant as it reflects our attitude towards realistic and maintainable lifestyle changes. We will provide an introduction to new possibilities that will 'echo' through the choices you make later in life.


Phoebe Griffiths


  • Level 3 personal trainer

  • BASI ISTD level 4 instructor and ski trainer

  • Swiss Snowsports Brevet Federal

  • First aid qualified

"I have been a ski instructor for 10 years and during this time have been lucky enough to coach all over the world in countries such as Argentina, New Zealand, Italy and Switzerland. In 2011 I settled in Zermatt and have since then made it my home. I have the highest BASI teaching qualification which has enabled me to design lessons with my client’s learning style in mind. Reaching this level has required dedication and like most sports professionals I have encountered injury. It was through my recovery that I realised the importance of maintaining a high level of health and fitness. When your body is strong, accidents can be prevented and recovery time dramatically reduced.


I came to Zermatt in 2011 for a five day skiing exam and never left. I set up Echo Fitness in order to share my passion for sport, health and well being and I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to do this in my favourite place in the world."

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