Mountain Cabin

Accommodation Options

Chalet Alpha

Chalet Bravo

Chalet Charlie

Chalet Delta

Chalet Foxtrot

Chalet Foxtrot

- For up to 14 guests
- Free standing chalet, in secure private location
- Located in the exclusive Petit Village area
- 5 mins taxi to Sunnegga ski lift - town centre 10 mins walk
- 700m2 of living area
- Seven bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms

Chalet Golf

Chalet Hotel

Chalet India

Chalet Juliet

Chalet Kilo

Chalet Lima

Chalet Mike

Chalet November

Chalet Oscar

Chalet Oscar

Chalet Papa

Chalet Quebec

Chalet Romeo

Chalet Sierra

Chalet Tango

Chalet Uniform

Chalet Victor

Chalet Whiskey

Chalet X-Ray

Chalet Yankee

Chalet Zulu